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Welcome to our spring newsletter 2019

We've had an amazing Winter!

Winter has come and gone, it was a short one and for all snow enthusiasts it took a long time to arrive. We got there in the end though and enjoyed some awesome snow.
It was also an eventful one which brings me to.

What's been happening at the clinic?
Tatiana left us after 4 years, unexpectedly to me but that's life.
She was a great asset to the clinic while she was there, and I thank her for being with us during those years.

Fortunately, we found Mareike who was volunteering at Nordic ski field, just in time to join us during a super busy August.

So come and meet Mareike, she is from the Germany, and is a fully trained physio and fully trained in sports rehab, she turned out to be a god sent to our team.

You can book her here

Book with Kristyna, Paige or Mareike, mention this newsletter and get 15 min foc during the rest of the month of October.

IN case you are wondering where I have gone ...

I managed to fracture my tibial plateau, skiing at TC, probably thinking I am still 25, or not thinking at all.
Hindsight is a beautiful thing and why on earth I was in that very heavy snow pack, being super tired and not in the right space mentally, I don't know. As my lovely daughter said," Maybe you needed a rest mum."

So I will be out for at least six weeks, and have to leave the clinic in Kristyna's, Paige's and  Mareike's capable hands.
I thank you all for your understanding in the mean time, and am looking forward to start work again asap. I will miss you.

Zig Ziglar says, “Each failure brings you one step closer to success.”

Having said that, if you hit a rough patch, don't worry... don't worry. 
Start where you are, and take one step at a time—focus on ONE THING at a time.

Our experiences at our clinic have inspired us to target 6 simple strategies

Our experiences at our clinic have inspired us to target 6 simple strategies to help you keep moving without injuries. 

  1. Stay with your training plan. Follow your training manual or your coach’s instructions. Training too little or too much can cause big problems. Don’t over train or under train.
    There are some amazing coaches and training facilities in Wanaka, to get you on track.
  2. During training – allow time for recovery. Your body requires time to repair itself.
  3. Stretch often but carefully. Stretching should never be painful. If stretching really hurts, you’re stretching too deeply, or the target muscle is injured or too inflamed to stretch.
  4. Ice to help control inflammation. Ice cools down stressed muscles and joints. Icing controls our big enemy – excessive inflammation. Self massage with  your hands, or a Foam Roll or Stick.  Self massage works, and can save you a lot of money in massage fees.
  5. Sports Massage for muscular health, at least twice a month. There’s a good reason professional athletes use it.
  6. Last but not least, and I am sure you'll think "who's talking?" allow yourself rest when you need it, both mentally and physically.

Looking forward to see you all, and thanks so much for your ongoing support.
Marlene, Kristyna, Paige and Mareike

Phone 034438900 or book on line www.wanakasportsmassage.co.nz.


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Hope to see you at the clinic soon.

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