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Good Morning and welcome to our winter newsletter ...

Welcome to our winter newsletter, its been a long time coming, but still just in time before spring.

We have been a bit busy and literally have had no time to put pen to paper.

Reflecting on winter so far, if you're into snow sports, stoke factor must be pretty high right now. What an amazing snow year this has been, happy, happy, happy.
As the cold weather starts to retrieve you will be getting excited about spring and summer.

We'll still be watching out for sore skiing/snowboarding bodies at clinic though. Hopefully just DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness) and no major injuries.

So, as an end of winter special, why not come in for a little tune up. Your body will love you for it.

15min. free of charge, so pay for 60 min, get an hour and 15min.
Valid till end of September.
If you're not into snow sports, you may feel like you struggle through winter and don't get excited about the colder months. Seasonal affective disorder (SAD) can kick in and sap your energy. 

Take the quiz below... you might learn something.

1. One simple way to help yourself feel better is to –

          a.   tell yourself, “I feel good, I feel good, I feel good.”
          b.   rub marmite on your wrists (this improves the heart rate.)
          c.   clean – everything.
          d.   drop your shoulders and smile softly.
One of the fastest and most effective ways to change emotional state is to make a physical change.  So d is the answer. This is the fake it till you make it principle.  Our facial expressions and our posture not only express our feelings, they are actively involved in creating them.  (Ekman & Friesen.)   Affirmations are less reliable and can for some people actually accentuate negative feelings

2. Great Aunt Maggie was an optimist because -
          a.   she inherited optimistic genes from her father.
          b.   she learnt the art of being an optimist from her Gran
          c.   she grew up in the best of times.
          d.   she didn’t have very well developed critical faculties.

Great Aunt Maggie was an optimist because she learnt the art of being an optimist from her Gran and she inherited the happy genes so the answer is a and b.
The great news from the field of Positive Psychology is that optimism can be measured and  - it can be learnt.  It may also be why Great Aunt Maggie got to be so old.  Optimism, as well as being a predictor of better performance can protect people from mental and physical health problems. (Seligman 1991, Lyubomirsky, King & Diener, 2005) So learning this skill has got to be a good thing..
3. Mr And Mrs Smiley were happily married because –
          a.   they never argued.
          b.   Mr Smiley played bowls and Mrs Smiley loved her garden.
          c.   they hadn’t married Mrs Grumpy and Mr Sad.
          d.   they were happy themselves.
Positive feelings such as amusement, calm, curiosity, gratitude, love or hope are good for us. 300 different research studies, involving nearly a 1/4 of a million people, both in the lab and over time, showed that positivity produces success as much as it reflects it.  Success being measured by such things as satisfaction in marriage.  So for Mr and Mrs Smiley being happy produced a happy marriage. (Fredrikson)

Taking up snow sports or anything that gets you out there in winter, will also increase your well being, as does having a regular massage.

If you are, like a few of us, feeling your dress or suit has shrunk a little over winter, and you're aiming for a bikini or speedo:) body,here's a little info on dieting.

Rapid weight loss from crash and low-carb diets is only temporary.  As soon as you return to a normal, healthful diet that includes carbohydrates, the water weight will return and glycogen stores will be replenished.

So, while the result of your crash diet and “sugar storage” depletion is rapid weight loss,  you lost very little fat, and will likely have very little long-term change. 

Anytime someone has told me a fantastical story of rapid weight loss I have to ask myself,
“What would it take to burn eight pounds of fat in a week?” 
“Is it possible to lose 8 pounds a week in a healthy way?”

To lose 8 pounds of fat you would have to create a caloric deficit of 28,000 calories (3500 x 8). According to ACSM’s metabolic equation for running, a person weighing 68 kg running at 6.0 miles per hour would have to run for 30.17 hours or 181 miles to burn that many calories. 

That’s equivalent to running a marathon every day for a week!!!  If you want to burn 8 pounds of fat in a week, it would require an extreme caloric restriction and nearly nonstop moderate intensity activity. 

Not healthy, not admirable, and likely impossible.

When faced with this evidence the response to any question regarding rapid weight loss is usually replaced with admiration for the steady 1-2 kg of fat loss per month. Although this is not easy to hear for some, one to two kg a month still results in 12 to 24 kg of weight loss in just one year.”

So, it is much better and more sustainable to exercise regularly, eat healthy and keep an eye on your calorie intake on a daily basis.
Portion control is really not that hard, just a matter of getting into the habit of it.

That's all for now, and remember to take up our end of winter special
Phone 034438900 or book on line


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